Our Philosophy

Not always have to be so complicated.
Let's find the easy and better way.

We are committed to making your business life pleasant without spending hundred and hundred of dollars every month.

Today there are almost 1.7 billion websites on the internet, and 40% of them are built with WordPress…

Amazing, right?

Well, along with this huge popularity of this CMS, there are also a myriad of WordPress hosting services for different types of businesses (small, medium, large, etc.), some better and some not so good…

And yes, we know this from first source…

Here is the little story...

Before founding Vamzzo, we found other companies such as an online clothing store, news sites and our own consultancy.

After trying and trying various hosting, we always came back to the same 2 situations.

  1. The hosting that we could afford and manage with our limited technical level, always had poor performance, affecting our Marketing actions.
  2. The hosting that offered the best performance and that, technically speaking, was recommended for us, meant raising our costs considerably and having to hire a specialist who charged us $250 a month to maintain it.
    Of course there were cheaper options, but after several disappointments, Mike (the maintenance specialist), was the only one who really did his job impeccably, even better than the agencies with multidisciplinary teams!!!


And that’s when we realized that despite the number of websites built by WordPress, there was no hosting company that suited our current needs and that would allow us to scale simply, easily and intelligently in the future.

So long story short, we decided to found Vamzzo with this in mind… because just like us in the past, we know that there are thousands of companies that are seeing their marketing actions harmed, not making a good return on their money, and spending hundreds of dollars a month on hosting companies that do not fit what they need…

So now you know! Signup in Vamzzo and join the club of Fast-growing brands and companies who made the switch to better, faster and secure hosting. 

PS: What happened to Mike you may be wondering. Well, Mike ended up quitting his job and… yes, he is the Vamzzo co-founder 😉